Bowen to present “Aqua Ohio’s First Design Build Project” at the National DBIA Conference

Bowen is presenting at the National DBIA Water/Wastewater Conference in Minneapolis next week.  On Thursday, March 30, 2017, Jason Lemire will present with our design partner and Owner: “Aqua Ohio’s First Design-Build: Lessons Learned in Commissioning New Treatment Facilities” at 10:45 am. local time. This presentation details the motivations of the Owner and processes used to get the high quality results of a tremendous collaboration and complete a fast track project for Aqua’s customers in Marion, Ohio.

In addition, we invite you to connect with Mike Soller, Sam Fackrell, Jason Lemire, Brad Bierwagen and Robert Wiggins who will be attending the conference starting Wednesday, March 29.  Send them a message directly or through our website (Bowen – Connect) to schedule a time to meet.

For more information on the leading conference for Design Build Best Practices, check out the DBIA Conference website.

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