Bowen teamed with URS and GORE Technologies to install the second full-scale commercial application of the GORE Mercury Control System (GMCS) as a Fabric Filter system for the removal of Mercury from Flue Gas. Project Challenges:
  • The project was on a tight schedule with a mandatory outage.
  • Plant inspection of inside absorber on 10/12/14 revealed additional work (repairing corrosive areas in duct and re-coating these areas), while maintaining completion date of 10/31/14.
Bowen Resourceful:
  • The craft (Boilermakers, Pipefitters, Operators, and Laborers) as well as all subcontractors truly worked as a cohesive team.
Bowen Responsive:
  • Completed extra work during the outage and still completed the work on time.
Bowen Results:
  • Bowen completed the project with Zero Injuries
  • Project was completed within the owner’s schedule
  • Project performed to owner’s specifications
“This was one of the best projects I have been around.” - Doug Roll, AES Plant Manager Project Scope
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Structural Steel
  • Exotic Welding
    • C276
    • C2205
  • Critical Lifts
  • Outage Work
Project Specs
  • 700 GORE Modules
  • 420 Module Frames
  • Structural Steel Stiffeners
  • 54 Spools of Carbon Steel Pipe
  • 10 Valves
  • 9 Tons of Structural Steel
  • 600LF of 4 Inch FRP Piping
  • 9 Tons of C276 Structural Steel
  • Project Location : Cayuga, NY
  • Project Type : GORE Mercury Control System
  • Client : AES
  • Total Contracts : $2,000,000

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