Surface water and groundwater sedimentation and aeration process facilities were at the end of their useful life at the Marion WTP. New basins and modifications to the pumping systems were constructed to allow the plant to meet its customer’s needs for many years to come.

Project Challenges:

  • Basin had to be constructed and in service in 5 months. Concrete work commenced in early February and the site conditions were very windy.
  • The Low Service Pump Station could only be down for a very limited amount of time. Bowen performed in depth operation plans to ensure a sequential and proven approach that allowed the modifications to be completed ahead of schedule with zero impact to the plant’s ability to service its customers.

Bowen Resourceful:

  • Provided value engineering ideas during pre-construction
  • Solved construction issues within tight timeframes

Bowen Responsive:

  • Incorporated multiple owner and design changes within the project schedule

Bowen Results:

  • There have been Zero Injuries on the project.
  • On time completion
  • Project Location : Marion, OH
  • Project Type : Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Client : Aqua Ohio
  • Total Contracts : $5,500,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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