Owner is changing the Westfield water system to be compatible with the Indianapolis water system. To do so, Ammonia must be added to Westfield water system in 3 different locations in order to feed either system from either plant. Project Challenges:  
  • The project presented a very aggressive schedule, requiring completion of work, before peak summer usage began.
  • The project required a one night shut down to install an inline 20" mag meter.  Proper planning of the work was required to ensure execution was complete and the construction did not affect the Westfield system’s ability to provide the community water.

Bowen Resourceful:

  • When called upon, Bowen pulled together a team from different parts of the organization to be able to quickly support CEG project needs.
  • Bowen put forth special planning for shutdown work ensuring proper.

Bowen Responsive:

  • The short duration of the project demanded quick and accurate response to owner needs.
  • Bowen worked with the owner to time work on different project sites appropriately.

Bowen Results:

  • Bowen completed the work on schedule, working with Safety and Quality along the way.

 Project Scope:

  • Site Work
  • Civil/Concrete Work
  • Mechanical/Piping
  • Small building addition with new ammonia feed systems 
Project Specs:
  • Zero Injury
  • Zero Incident
  • On Time Completion
  • Project Location : Westfield, IN
  • Project Type : CEG Westfield Ammonification Project
  • Client : Citizen's Energy Group
  • Total Contracts : $870,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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