Bowen, teaming with United Consulting used a collaborative approach to bring this project in under budget and under schedule.

The project consisted of installing piping and structures that convey stormwater from the ARC Hotel & Parking Structure, at Victor Street, and continue along High Street and then Franklin Street ending at Gilbert Street where it discharges storm water into the White River. The project includes the appropriate road work along with a canal structure that discharges into the White River. Storm water runoff in the areas affected by this project will have the ability to separate the stormwater and the sanitary flow into two different sewer pipes. Currently this runoff is combined with sanitary sewage into one sewer pipe.  Overflows from the current sewer system release raw sewage into the White River during significant storm events.

The sewer separation will helps Muncie Sanitary District comply with a mandated requirement from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. When the overall project is completed, over 70 million gallons of storm water annually will be diverted from the Muncie Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant reducing wastewater treatment costs.

  Bowen presented this project at the 2015 ACEC Conference with the following presentation:


  • Project Location : Muncie, IN
  • Project Type : GSC CSO Separation
  • Client : Muncie Sanitary District
  • Total Contracts : $10,500,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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