Bowen teamed with Greeley and Hansen on this GSC to help the City eliminate flooding in a local neighborhood and eliminate combined sewer overflow by introducing stormwater run-off back into the aquafer. The 2-phase project included installation of 7,300 LF of large diameter RCP at 20+ foot of depth through a residential neighborhood, and installation of new waterline, roadways, sidewalks, and green features such as drywells, rain gardens, and pavers.

Project Challenges:

  • The project took place in an old neighborhood with several unmarked and unknown utilities. Many of the utilities were old, making it difficult to support the lines while performing the work.
  • Tight quarters and proximity to older homes made pipe installation challenging. It was important to Bowen to allow residents access to their homes while still performing the work safely and efficiently. Coordination and communication with the public was crucial, as there were also 2 grocery stores, a hospital, and an active fire department in the construction zone.
  • To avoid risky and costly bypass operations, junction structures were built in place while supporting a live 72” RCP sewer.

Bowen Resourceful:

  • Bowen took soil samples of the existing soil, and with the help of a third party testing agency, determined the material was suitable for engineered fill above the pipe. This saved the City over $500,000 in granular and trucking costs.
  • Installed paver system with capacity to filter and absorb 1,080 in/hour.

Bowen Responsive:

  • Bowen incorporated contract changes including an entire roadway redesign.
  • Performed an emergency sewer line installation of approximately 500 feet in downtown Lafayette when a line collapsed.

Bowen Results:

  • Provided the City with green construction alternatives
  • On time and under budget. With project savings, the City asked Bowen to remedy an erosion control issue at a retention pond using Flexa-Mat product.
  • Zero Injury
  • Project Location : Lafayette, IN
  • Project Type : Elimination of Sewer Overflow
  • Client : Lafayette Renew
  • Total Contracts : $19,357,965
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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