Bowen, teaming with Greeley and Hansen, is constructing a 4.2 million gallon concrete holding tank designed to eliminate overflows to the Wabash River. The buried tank is located at an old city dumpsite, and as part of the construction, Bowen will mitigate and restore the site to pave the way for a future city park.

Project Challenges:

  • Dewatering - The project site is located 200 yards from the Wabash River and less than 100 feet away from a creek with direct connection to the Wabash. The tank sits 30ft below grade and requires constant dewatering. Bowen engineered and constructed a dewatering discharge point to take the 20.7 MGD we need to keep the excavation dry.
  • Site restoration - The site used to be a city dump and was recently used to store yard waste. Handling the waste material and developing a site for a future park location has been a challenge Bowen has overcome.

Bowen Resourceful:

  • The existing site was void of topsoil. Bowen is using the existing mulch pile and compositing the mulch to turn it into viable topsoil to grow grass.
  • To blend in to the future park, the electrical building will have architectural concrete work and exposed concrete cladding.

Bowen Responsive:

  • Bowen has closely monitored river levels, placing sandbags to protect the transformer and building berms during near-record river levels in early 2018.

Project Scope

  • Site Work
  • Civil / Concrete Work
  • Underground Piping
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Equipment Setting
    • (4) Grande Flushing Gates
    • (1) Tipping Bucket for Flush Water
    • (4) Sets of Fine Screens
    • (2) Flygt Dewatering Pumps
  • Mechanical / Piping
  • Architectural / Finishing Work

Project Specs

  • 141,646 CY of excavation
  • 816 - 50, 45, and 30 FT Piles
  • 9,978 CY of concrete
  • 990 tons of rebar
  • 108,788 SF of formwork
  • 719 LF of 110” piping
  • 4 building structures
  • Project Location : Lafayette, IN
  • Project Type : Constructing a Holding Tank
  • Client : Lafayette Renew
  • Total Contracts : $23,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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