Enterprise Products is installing a reactor charge heater in a new facility to refine and dehydrogenate propane. Bowen is a subcontractor to AMEC Foster Wheeler for the project. Project Challenges:
  • Bowen is working as a subcontractor on a single part of a much larger prime contract. Coordination on site is key.
  • It is a challenge finding available and capable craft in a crowded labor market.
Bowen Resourceful:
  • Bowen value engineered a method to set the tall ductwork walls, by supporting them with a temporary support system.
  • Bowen designed and executed a plan to support vertical tubes in the ductwork that enabled the refractory subcontractor to start work earlier and create schedule gains.
Bowen Responsive:
  • Bowen was delayed on construction start due to delayed civil work from a different contractor. Bowen has since found and made up the lost schedule time.
  • Outside of contract requirements Bowen assisted AMEC Foster wheeler with tracking and documentation around materials receiving.
Bowen Results:
  • Bowen is on schedule for delivery and has had Zero Incidents / Zero Injuries. Both the owner and the prime contractor report positive experiences working with Bowen.
  • Project Location : Mont Belvieu, TX
  • Project Type : Reactor Charge Heater
  • Client : Enterprise Products (Sub to AMEC-Foster Wheeler)
  • Total Contracts : $5,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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