At IPL Harding street station, Bowen is currently constructing Physical-Chemical
wastewater treatment system for ELG compliance.

Bowen, in a joint venture with Burns & McDonnell, has achieved completion of
the project which included 2 clarifiers, new pumping systems, and chemical feed
systems all within the footprint of the obsolete FGD process building.

Bowen integrated both power and water experiences, as well as an experienced
engineering partner to deliver the WWTP project ahead of schedule, with minimal
cost changes, and Zero Injuries. Following Bowen’s conversion of the station
from coal to natural gas fuel, the project completes a 2-year program to greatly
reduce the plant’s environmental impact to the Indianapolis community.

Project Scope

• Sitework
• Concrete
• U/G Utilities
• Structural Steel
• Mechanical Piping
• Equipment Erection
• Pre-Engineered Buildings

Project Specs

• Physical-Chemical Treatment
• 65,500 Craft Hours
• Zero Injuries
• 13,000 LF of piping
• 2 clarifiers
• 3 tanks
• 1 filter press
• 15 equipment skids
• 82 tons of structural steel
• 2,000 CY of concrete
• 5,636 LF of welding

  • Project Location : Indianapolis, IN
  • Project Type : Physical- Chemical Wastewater Treatment System
  • Client : ELG Compliance
  • Total Contracts : $28,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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