IPL converted their 3 largest operating units at Harding Street Station operate using natural gas fuel. The gas conversion incorporated a burner management system controls upgrade for all three units and installation of new burners within the three existing boilers as well as igniters. The controls upgrade was a critical phase of the project that included modification of the system to meet new operating performance requirements for gas-fired generation. The project also included installation of flue gas recirculating fans, flue gas draft modifications, a control system evergreen update and installation of an auxiliary boiler. Bowen teamed with engineering partner Burns & McDonnell in an integrated joint venture to complete the work, including design and construction of the project. The project was awarded in February and is was completed in December 2016. Following the fuel conversion, generating capacity at the three units totals over 650 megawatts (MW). The conversion project is part of IPL’s compliance plan for its coal-fired units. Project Scope
  • Sitework
  • Concrete
  • Demolition
  • Gas Pipeline
  • Mechanical
  • Boilermaker
  • Electrical
  • Equipment Setting
  • Ductwork
  • I&C
Project Specs
  • 40 auger cast piles
  • 925 CY of concrete
  • 55 tons of rebar
  • 224 anchor bolts
  • 4000 LF of Natural Gas Piping
  • 1”-24”
  • 215 tons of structural steel
  • 3 buildings
  • 720 tons of ductwork
  • Project Location : Indianapolis, IN
  • Project Type : Coal to Gas Conversion
  • Client : IPL
  • Total Contracts : 75,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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