To help IPL's Petersburg facility achieve compliance with the EPA’s Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs), Bowen and Burns & McDonnell are engaged in a EPC project to update the site’s wastewater infrastructure.

Bowen and Burns & McDonnell are teamed as an integrated joint venture for the project to design and construct the new facility upgrades. The team will use both Physical-Chemical and ZLD processes to achieve compliance. Though less intensive because of an upcoming gas conversion (being completed by Bowen), the Bowen / Burns & McDonnell team will also be addressing ELG compliance at IPL’s Indianapolis Harding Street Station. This project has been featured in Power Engineering  http://goo.gl/w4Z7cY   Project Scope
      • Site work
      • Civil/concrete work
      • Underground utilities
      • Structural steel
      • Equipment Setting
      • Architectural work
Project Specs
    • 13,000 LF of U/G piping
    • 65,000 LF of piping
    • 25,000 CY of concrete
    • 350 tons of structural steel
    • 4 buildings
    • 7 clarifiers
    • 15 field erected tanks
    • 3 large filter presses
    • Multiple chemical feed sytems
    • PCM Building
    • GE Thermal Evaporator
    • 75 tie-points to system
  • Project Location : Petersburg, IN
  • Project Type : NPDES
  • Client : IPL
  • Total Contracts : $200,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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