To achieve compliance with EPA MATS requirements, KCBPU’s Nearman Creek completed a number of upgrades on it’s 316MW coal-burning plant in Kansas City, Kansas.   This project included significant upgrades throughout the power station, including 2 SCRs, 2 Dry Scrubbers, and 2 Pulse Jet Fabric Filters.  

The addition of these air quality control systems reduced the environmental impact of the Nearman Creek plant, including significant removal of SOx, Mercury and other heavy metals, and will bring the plant’s emissions into compliance with the EPA’s mandated requirements.   In addition to the AQCS system upgrades, Bowen replaced 450 boiler tube bundles within the site. The Bowen team successfully completed the 10 week outage in 9 weeks.  At peak manpower, the team had 175 craftsmen during the day shift and 150 during the night shift.  There were zero injuries on the project, including 75,000 safe outage hours.   Quality was also fantastic with the team achieving a weld pass rate of 99.5%. 

“Performance has been first rate.  The work has been planned, fabricated and staged well in advance of need.  Onsite management and supervision have brought a teamwork attitude to the project.  The workmanship is good quality and the project was completed well within the project schedule.”

John Frick, KCBPU

Project Scope
  • Structural Steel
  • Ductwork
  • (2) SCRs
  • (2) Dry Circulating Scrubbers
  • (2) Pulse Jet Fabric Filters
  • Silos, Siding, Insulation, & Lagging
  • Boiler Tube Replacement
Project Specs
  • 2400 tons of Structural Steel
  • 550 tons of ductwork
  • 140,000 LF boiler tube replacement
  • 450 tube bundles
  • Peak 325 Craftsmen
  • 75,000 Outage Craft Hours
  • 325,000 Total Craft Hours
  • Zero Injuries
  • Project Location : Kansas City, KS
  • Project Type : AQCS Project
  • Client : Kansas City Board of Public Utilities
  • Total Contracts : $54,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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