This project happened in conjunction with the construction of the Deep Rock Tunnel, and is a critical piece to the City of Indianapolis’ plan to eliminate discharge of untreated sewage into the waterways during a rain event.  This project was a winner of the 2016 AGC Build America Awards.  Click Here to See the Project Submission with more details on the project. 

Project Challenges:
  • This project doubled the operating capacity of the plant to over 300MGD, and in the process reversed the plant flow.  During upgrades the plant required uninterrupted flow of 150MGD flow throughout the project.
  • The project required complex sequencing and concurrent work in multiple areas across the 84 acre project site.
  • This project is a high profile project for the City of Indianapolis, and CEG.  Safety, schedule, and budget performance were all critical from both a project and public relations standpoint.

Bowen Resourceful:

  • Bowen value engineered an alternative construction sequence solution to eliminate most bypass pumping, saving CEG time and money on the project.
  • Bowen re-engineered the UV structure layout to minimize effects on an existing 120” pipeline that is a critical artery to the site . This removed significant risk for the project and the owner.

Bowen Responsive:

  • Bowen has worked proactively with the Suez/United Water operations team to ensure construction schedules coordinate with plant operations, and has worked proactively with contractors at the associated Deep Rock Tunnel Connector Pump Station project to coordinate the intake to plant.

Bowen Results:

  • Bowen completed the project almost a year ahead of schedule, with no major injuries.

"Even though it’s one of our biggest projects it gave me no worries… We had half a dozen milestones on the project, and Bowen met every one ahead of schedule.  We are thankful Bowen is on the project, they know what needs to be done and how to do it."

-Matt Thomas, Citizens Energy Group Project Scope:
  • Site work
  • Demolition of obsolete structures
  • Underground utilities
  • Civil / concrete work
  • New / Refurbished Structures include:
  • New UV disinfection
  • New Grit/Screening structures
  • 8 new 105’ clarifiers
  • Refurbished ANS and ONS tanks
  • New scum facility
  • Mew mixed liquor channel
  • 12 other misc. structures
  • AISC structural steel erection
  • Mechanical / piping
  • Carbon and SST Welded, PCCP, DIP, HDPE, RCP, PVC
  • Equipment setting
  • Electrical / I&C
Project Specs
  • Phys-Chem / Biological / UV Processes
  • 30 structures demolished
  • 120,000 CY of excavation
  • 19,000 CY of concrete
  • 18,000 LF of underground piping
  • 175 dewatering wells
  • 40+ gates
  • 50+ pieces of equipment set
  • 84-acre project site
  • Project Location : Indianapolis, IN
  • Project Type : Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Client : Citizens Energy Group
  • Total Contracts : $100,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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