The Bowen team completed three (3) absorber retrofits with changes including: Installation: 24” PRV, two DPT ports, 168 new mist eliminator nozzles, one new wall ring. Three (3) new agitator nozzles (with new wall sections) and two new recycle suction nozzles (with new wall sections). Demo/Replace: Two wall rings, one perforated plate (with structural steel) and two existing tanks (replace with SS tanks during outage). Each tank was approximately 20’ tall and 17’ in diameter. Project Challenges:
  • Project was bid on material take-offs. Bowen needed to be responsive to new designs to plan and install quickly.
  • Steel delivery was late with a New Mexico windy season quickly approaching. Bowen accelerated the steel erection and siding to dry-in new buildings.
  • New agitator and recycle nozzles on the Absorbers would not cover the old nozzle penetrations. Bowen cut the absorber wall in each area and replaced to achieve fit (5 locations per absorber)
  • Access to the existing absorber building was limited to one 12’ wide overhead door. Bowen had to bring tanks into work area in pieces and field erect during an outage.
Bowen Resourceful:
  • Bowen prebuilt and set chunks of steel whenever possible
  • Bowen self-performed the siding installation
Bowen Responsive:
  • URS didn’t know the suction nozzles would require new wall sections until the absorber was down. We accelerated the procurement process and reorganized our schedule to minimize the impact of this change to the project.
Bowen Results:
  • Scheduled for ontime completion despite unexpected challenges.
  • Bowen has had success working in a new geography
  • There are Zero Injuries on this project.
  • Zero Defects: No QA/QC issues with welding (including exotic welds)
Project Scope:
  • Site work
  • Civil/concrete work
  • Underground piping
  • Structural steel erection
  • Equipment setting
  • (2) Vacuum filter presses
  • (4) Hydrocyclones
  • (2) Vacuum pumps
  • (12) Agitators
  • (3) Forced oxidation air blowers
  • (6) Recycle pump motors
  • Ductwork
  • Mechanical/piping (including exotic welds)
    • 304 SS, 316 SS, 317 SS, Alloy G, FRP
  • Architectural/finishing work
  • Outage work / critical lifts
Project Specs:
  • 1,700 CY of excavation backfill
  • 1,000 CY of concrete
  • 10,000 SF of formwork
  • 4,000 lf of piping
  • 220 tons of structural steel
  • 66,000 lf of new cable
  • Largest Pick: 25,000 lbs.
  • 2 Buildings
  • Project Location : Prewitt, NM
  • Project Type : FGD Upgrades
  • Client : Tri-State Energy
  • Total Contracts : $14,000,000
  • Project's Link : Project 1-Pager

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