Bowen is Resourceful.

You need a partner with a diverse skillset to tackle complex challenges unique to you and your project. Bowen works collaboratively with you to bring the manpower, equipment, relationships, and ingenuity to execute successfully. This approach creates outcomes in the best interests of the environment, the public, and clients like you.

"Bowen isn’t just a construction company; it is supported by an engineering organization. They can handle a brute force construction effort and provide the brains behind it. Bowen also has good management skills to manage multiple sub-contractors consisting of various trades, across a broad spectrum of work, all while self- performing Bowen strengths, such as steel erection. Bowen is a “one stop shop” for a large power plant construction job."

AEP Construction Manager

“Bowen was a solid performer, successfully erecting our FGD unit in a very tight working space at our Granite City, Illinois, facility. Their execution approach and detailed planning allowed for working in close proximity with multiple contractors with a high degree of teamwork and cooperation.”

Steve Morey; SunCoke Energy

"Bowen consistently delivers safe projects, on time and on budget. Bowen's detailed approach to planning and execution with their team of engineers and craftsmen always resulted in high quality work for us which were delivered accident free. For Fluor, these are the important points, and we continue to value Bowen as a service provider partner."

James Hartman; Fluor

Bowen is Responsive.

You need a partner who is deeply committed to your partnership and project, who never runs away from a problem, who responds to issues purposefully and swiftly. Bowen’s processes prevent surprises avoiding lost time, money and rework.


“It is common knowledge around here that Bowen is the best.  I am so pleased that I have gotten a chance to work with Bowen.”

Steve Rose, Construction Manager; Alcoa

"Bowen insisted on a high quality finished product and paid close attention to meeting an aggressive schedule. Management of our project’s essentials was exemplary, and we are grateful for a job well done."

Mark Kramer; Hoosier Energy

"My experience with Bowen has been excellent.  They provide comprehensive construction support through not only providing the necessary skilled labor to complete the job but also provide substantial technical oversight and support to ensure quality that far exceeds their competitors.  The Bowen team is honest, hard working, and responsive to the needs of their customer."

Rob Baily, Director of Operations; Fluor

Bowen Delivers Results.

You need a partner who will deliver your project on time, on budget, and without injuries. Bowen’s processes prevent surprises that result in losses and missed specifications. With a proven track record and more than 45 years in the business, and best in industry project controls, Bowen ensures there are no surprises along the way.


"I used Bowen on the Mountaineer PVF, CO2 project.  They did a FABULOUS job even though we gave them poor information and expected them to deliver on an unrealistically tight schedule.  Bowen delivered 100% on time and under budget."

Jeff Sutherland; Alstom Power

"The guys worked hard and safe and got the job done.  I really appreciate the fact that I can call on Bowen and know that the job will get done right."

Brad Talley, Superintendent; Lafayette

"The consistency between projects demonstrated to me that your motto of Resourceful, Responsive, Results is not just a marketing line, but a description of the individuals Bowen puts forward to work with your clients. Bowen is experienced and reliable. I have no reservations recommending Bowen for future projects within the electric power industry."

William Kennedy; Orion Engineering
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