Bowen SQP Process

Bowen Engineering has applied the principles of Lean Construction for over 20-years through our execution process known as Bowen SQP (Safety, Quality, Production).   SQP is a proven, repeatable process to achieve Results for your project.  

Each one of our teams is trained on this process that is designed to eliminate waste, drive accountability and leverage lessons learned.   See the video below to learn more about how this positively effects your project results. 


Bowen SQP is focused on planning/executing/debriefing your construction work activities to minimize waste and cost, and maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Bowen’s lean principles are founded on collaboration of all stakeholders which begins in pre-construction and continues throughout all phases of your project.

Bowen SQP focuses on methods to pull labor off your job (ex. prefab and modularize), eliminate waste of craft labor, construction materials and heavy equipment by identifying the necessary tools, information, materials, manpower, equipment, material staging, etc. while simultaneously planning for safety, quality and production. Bowen SQP processes are taught in-house at Bowen to our own, and subcontractor partners, personnel to ensure that we create collaborative environments where all stakeholders are involved as early as possible to ensure the best possible project outcome on your project.

Our lean projects experience result in improvements in communication, scope definition, cost and schedule performance and in the relationships among the client, designer and Bowen. Bowen uses detailed operation plans, dedicated planning trailers, make certain lists, weekly work plans, workable backlog, daily huddles and end of shift meetings as Lean tools.

By continually searching for ways to improve, remove waste and maximize efficiency, Bowen adds value and predictability on your project.

  • Delivers value to our clients and eliminates anything that does not add value.
  • Organizes production as continuous process and creates reliable work flow.

StoryBoarding at Bowen

Bowen's Unique Storyboarding Process assures that we have considered all facets of every step of the project ahead. Together we will work to predict where issues and interruptions may arise to assure your project is completed on time, on budget and to your specifications.

SQP Process

SQP can be adapted to any project, large or small. SQP is a cyclical process repeated through the duration of a project. (click to enlarge)

SQP Step-by-Step

Superintendent and Project Manager develop the master, resource-loaded schedule

Superintendent develops 4-Week Look Ahead Planning Boards

Foremen and Field Engineers develop detailed, written operation plans or make certain lists

Foremen and Field Engineers jointly develop these plans to serve as the blueprint for safe, quality and productive work:

  • 1) Analyze and identify potential of an operation by breaking the work task into sequential steps
  • 2) Identify minimum work zone expectations (MWE's)
  • 3) Identify required resources for the operation in detail
  • 4) Develop a JSA for the operation
  • 5) Develop and complete a Make Certain List (minimum) or a complete Operation Plan before the work task begins
  •     All Operation Plans are reviewed and approved by the Superintendent.

Foremen develop weekly work plan

The weekly work plan is the plan for work that will be completed the following week.  Foremen select work activities that:

  • 1) support the Superintendent's 4-Week Look Ahead Schedule
  • 2) are critical path activities
  • 3) have been confirmed to be ready for execution
  • 4) have met the minimum work zone expectations
  • Activities on the board are organized by the crew.

Superintendent and foremen create workable backlog

Work activities from the 4-Week Look Ahead boards that have all Make Certain List tasks completed become workable backlog.  These activities are eligible for consideration on the Foreman's weekly work plan.  Workable backlog can be:

  • 1) critical path activites, or
  • 2) "plan B" work should an obstacle or issue prevent the effective execution of weekly work plan activities.

Foremen conduct daily huddle meetings

Each Bowen and subcontractor Foreman conducts a daily huddle meeting with his crew.  This meeting occurs every morning, in the work zone and prior to beginning work.  The purpose of the daily huddle meeting is to set aside time for the Foreman and crew to discuss how they will work injury-free for the day (i.e. JSA) and daily production expectations.

Superintendent conducts daily end of shift meetings

Conducted at the end of every work shift, this powerful team accountability tool establishes an environment where Foremen:

  • 1) address safety concerns and issues
  • 2) report on planned vs. actual production
  • 3) confirm that their crews have everything required to be successful the following day

Project Manager conducts weekly Team Meeting onsite

Team meetings are a vital part of a project's success.  The weekly PM Team Meeting establishes a collaborative and supportive environment that develops leadership, focus, trust and accountability.

The team meeting is held on the same day and at the same time every week, and it follows a standard Bowen agenda.  The designated meeting day is later in the week (Thursday or Friday), because one of the main agenda items is a review of the current week's performance.  Attendees include Project Manager, Superintendent, Field and Project Engineers, Site Safety Manager and key subcontractors, consultant, and the client when appropriate.

Monitoring Quality and Job Costs

Daily quality and safety inspections are completed to ensure that safe, high-quality work is performed as planned.  Weekly metrics are reviewed by the project team, and monthly statistics are shared with the entire Bowen organization.

Bowen utilizes weekly job cost reports to monitor actual job costs compared to planned job costs.  On a weekly basis, Bowen Foremen report installed quantities based on weekly production.  Weekly job cost reports ("Recaps") are shared weekly with the Project Manager, Superintendent and Foremen.

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