Bowen strives for mutual trust and respect with customers, partners, and employees that share our Core Values of:

Zero injury and genuine concern for others

Continuous improvement

Enthusiastic teamwork & celebration

Never walk away from a problem

We are committed to ZERO INJURY.

Throughout the construction industry, much improvement has been made in reducing worker injury in the workplace. Still, injuries continue to happen. Many companies simply accept that worker injury is an unavoidable consequence of being in the construction business. The Zero Injury Philosophy challenges us to change the way we think about and accept injuries as a part of doing business. The fact that injuries happen does not mean that injuries are acceptable. The Zero Injury Philosophy is a thought process that if a worker can work one day without an injury, the worker can work each and every additional day injury free. When Zero Injury is alive in an organization, millions of injury-free work hours can be achieved.

Safety Planning Tools

  • Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA’s)
  • Foremen Beginning of Shift Meetings
  • Superintendent End of Shift Meetings
  • Detailed Operation Planning
  • DBO2 Safety Inspection Auditing/Reporting

New Hire Orientation

  • Craft-Specific Safety
  • Project-Specific Safety
  • General Safety
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing - Pre-Hire, Probable Cause, Post-Incident


  • Classroom Training Programs
  • 10-Hour Supervisory Training
  • Comprehensive On-The-Job Training
  • One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring

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