Professional Development Drives Success for Everyone.

Bowen Engineering is committed to growing the leaders of tomorrow. Our trainers provide a structured education program to all employees. Our training programs instill Bowen's values, best practices and standards into our young leaders. Listed below are the educational opportunites offered at Bowen.  

New Employee Orientation

New employees participate in this orientation immediately upon joining the Bowen family.  The orientation provides an overview of the Bowen organization, our business, our people, and how we operate as a team.  New employees receive instruction regarding company benefits, support services, and all key information the employee needs to jumpstart an exciting career.

Bowen University 101 and 201

Bowen University 101 is provided to new employees with roles on our operations teams.  The interactive session spans over several days and provides instruction on all aspects of managing a Bowen construction project. From estimating a project, to purchasing, to planning, to project completion and close out, participants learn the basic techniques needed to manage their projects. Bowen University 201 is offered to more experienced employees preparing to take on the role of Project Manager.  This course provides more advanced instruction in project management techniques. It also incorporates training in leadership and team building skills.

Learning Modules

Our training staff continues to develop individual learning modules that cover a number of topics valuable to our employees. Bowen employees have a wealth of useful information at their fingertips via our intranet "The Bowen Pipeline". Practical learning modules are offered in various formats, including webinars, podcasts, video, and interactive presentations.

OSHA 30-Hour and 10-Hour Training

Every Bowen employee with field supervisory responsibilities is required to participate in the Bowen-provided OSHA 30-hour course. This training introduces Bowen employees to OSHA policies, procedures and standards as well as general industry safety and health principles. Our in-house training personnel place special emphasis on the common hazards encountered on a construction site. All other employees are required to participate in Bowen's OSHA 10-hour course. We believe that this investment in each employee, regardless of his or her role in the company, will help create an atmosphere in which safety is always top of mind.

Supervisory Training Program (STP)

Our STP program is designed to help our supervisors hone and amplify their management skills. STP incorporates instruction in project management as well as leadership and communications techniques.

Safe Quality Production Training (Bowen SQP)

Bowen SQP is an intensive planning, communication and execution system that integrates best practices of SAFETY, QUALITY and PRODUCTION into every Bowen project. It is the cornerstone of every successful project. During this multi-day session, participants will learn the skills required to bring SQP to life on every project site.

Leadership Challenge

Leadership guru John Maxwell sums up his definition of leadership by stating, "Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less." He goes on to say that leadership is about character, since without maintaining integrity and trustworthiness, the capability to influence will disappear. This philosophy is reflected in Bowen's culture and its Leadership Challenge Program. Bowen's recognition of the need to develop the talent within (and our willingness to do something about it!) puts us at an advantage over most organizations today. We are actively growing tomorrow's leaders today!

On The Job Training and Instruction

We believe that the development of our people is the key component that differentiates us from our competition. We are continuously developing companywide standard operating procedures to give new Bowen employees the opportunity to grow at an unlimited pace. We also understand that each individual is unique and has untapped creativity that can improve any aspect of the company. Bowen engages new employees in a mentoring program that provides continuous individual guidance from a more senior level employee.


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