Are you Resourceful, Responsive and ready to produce Results?

Attributes of those who are successful here

  • You enjoy a challenge, and you know the gratification of a hard days’ work
  • You seek out the biggest and best projects because you have confidence in yourself and know it's an opportunity to learn
  • You lean into challenges and find a way to be a part of the solution 
What it’s like to be a Bowen employee
  • We strive to live out our core value of Genuine Concern for others every day. Each day is full of its own unique challenges 
  • Sometimes it can be muddy, hot, or freezing cold
  • We plan and work together to find the best way to complete the project
  • When things go well, people point their fingers and give credit to those around them. When things go wrong, people raise their hands and consider what they could have done differently or better 
  • We expect accountability but are not afraid of failure as long as we learn from it
  • We work on big, important, difficult projects, most of which provide a direct positive impact on the environment 
  • We celebrate and reward success (both through recognition and financial means)
Bowen has offices and projects located across the US. We are employee-owned and have a wide array of career opportunities in construction. Whether you are an engineering student looking to start your career, or an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, we're always looking for new talent.

Project Engineers

A Project Engineer assists the Superintendent and Project Manager in managing all construction activities for the project. Some duties include scheduling, purchasing, submittal review, preplanning, Bowen SQP, safety, layout, and project closeout.

Project Managers

The Project Manager plans organizes and manages all resources (people, equipment, and materials) for the successful execution of a project. They lead project teams in the construction of projects, ensuring that project quality, schedule, cost control, safety and customer satisfaction objectives are met. The Project Manager is the primary point of contact for owners. 


The Project Superintendent is the company's representative assigned the responsibility and authority for supervision of the total construction effort. A major responsibility of this position includes interfacing with client representatives, subcontractors and union representatives. 


An internship with Bowen Engineering will provide hands-on experience that complements your education. We encourage all interested students to apply for an internship by sending your resume to

If your qualifications are commensurate with the requirements of the posted job, Send your resume or information to: Bowen Engineering is an Equal Opportunity Employer.