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We are proud to work with the nation’s largest utility providers to be a flexible construction resource in a dynamic market full of great ideas and resources.


Fossil Generation



Bowen is a leading provider of construction for Natural Gas and Coal-Fired Electric Power Plants. Bowen is experienced in both greenfield and brownfield environments, with extensive experience working in active generation facilities. We are experienced with CCR compliance, ELG compliance, fuel conversions, bottom ash handling, fly ash handling, FGD wastewater, FGD, SCR Installation, Precipitator/Bag house upgrades, boiler tube replacement, Pond Closure and any other project within an active generation facility. In addition Bowen can perform maintenance and outage work, servicing all parts of a power plant. Bowen is also active in the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) market.


Since erecting one of the midwest’s first wind turbines in 2009, Bowen has worked on multiple construction projects in renewable energy, specifically in the Wind and Hydro-Electric markets. Our preplanning and lean construction allows us to work flexibly with teams to support this fast-paced, dynamic market.




Transmission & Distribution

Bowen has experience working in multiple NRC-regulated facilities on scopes relating to Security, Spent Fuel Storage, Fukushima Upgrades, and structural reinforcement.


A changing grid requires ongoing upgrades to infastructure. Bowen can support Transmission and Distribution construction.

Watching Bowen run an outage, is like watching a conductor lead an orchestra.
— Bowen EPC Partner

See Below Video on Bowen’s Outage and Shutdown Management

Recent Relevant Energy Experience