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Bowen History

Bowen stands as it is today based on the hard work of countless team members. Bowen’s first project was a wastewater treatment plant in
Brookston, IN (pictured above).

Since 1967, Bowen has been providing opportunities for people to grow through construction. Bob Bowen founded the organization with the belief that focusing on people and sharing opportunity was the right way to grow a business.

Today, Doug Bowen carries this legacy forward. Bowen employs over 275 full-time employees working across the country and stands by its core purpose of growing people.

The Video Series Below was produced in 2017 as a part of Bowen’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.



Hear founder Robert L. Bowen speak about the beginning years of the organization, and setting core values from the beginning.



Hear Bowen’s second president, Jed Holt, speak about how the organization grew and adapted during key points in the company history.



Doug Bowen, Bowen’s current President and CEO talks about the ways Bowen continues to grow and adapt into the future.