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Build Experience. Build Your Resume. Build A Career At Bowen.

We are proud to say in our 50 year history, we have had several of our top employees start at Bowen and stay for their entire career. Bowen is always looking to hire and retain hard-working, self-driven, individuals who are Resourceful, Responsive, and seeking Results. We rely on you to work hard and learn fast. You can expect to learn valuable skills that translate in to a rewarding career.


Real Responsibility

You’re a part of the team at Bowen, with responsibilities that help make your project a success.

Real Projects

You’ll be on the front lines of complex projects that positively and directly affect the quality of the air we breathe and waterways on which we depend.

Real Resources

We provide you with the right amount of support to help you learn and freedom to find your own way as you work on building complex projects.

Real Potential

Bowen believes in continuous improvement and growing people. If you love construction, are accountable and work hard, there is no limit for you. That’s why we eventually make full-time employees out of so many of our interns.


Bowen Internships

Internship Details

  • Paid Internship

  • Housing provided if applicable for project