Download Bowen’s PFAS Project 1-Pager

Bowen has project experience removing PFAS constituents in ground water, drinking water, leachate and wastewater, and include:

PFOA (Perfluoroctanic Acid)
PFOS (Perfluoroctanesulfonic Acid)
GenX (Heptafluoropropoxy Acid)

These constituents, resulting from production of industrial chemicals, require treatment and removal from water sources and are classified as an EPA Emerging Contaminant (EPA 505-F-17-001).

Bowen has experience with filtration technologies, such as Green Sand, Resins, and Carbon-based filtration technologies. Bowen also has experience installing Ion-exchange systems to remove these chemicals.

Bowen has completed these and similar projects in a Design-Build and Traditional contracting methodologies.

Bowen has presented papers on this subject at the American Wastewater Association (AWWA) and Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Conferences.

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